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Entoto Natural Park towers high above the Capital and is a historical sanctuary

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The Palaces Of Entoto Park (Z)

Jan 8, 2021 – Jan 7, 2022

Culture, Adventure and Activities in Seductively Cosy Mountain Palaces of Entoto Park (Z).
Entoto mountain's highland includes now invitingly magnificent culture centre and activities that constitute the new Entoto Park (Z). This grandiose adventurous centre high above the Capital form the amazi...

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Ethiopia and the River Nile

10-Nov-2020 – 07-Nov-2021

A rare knowledge, indeed, is that Ethiopia's high plateau is the abundant water source and the origin to most of the high cultures of history and even the cultural cradle of the today's modern civilizations.  Even among highly educated groups in the technologically advanced countries, this is unk...

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Benefits from the establishment of the Park

10-Nov-2020 – 07-Nov-2021

The healing capacity of an indigenous forest

The natural health and fertile beauty in this indigenous Juniper forest (40) illuminates with precision the healing capacity of a native forest but also the severe nature and habitat destruction that occurred at the introduction of the Eucalyptus tree...

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The Caution Choice for the Family
The most beautiful and versatile nature and entertaining places which also is reachable within charming simplicity is often the very primary for family picnics but can often be difficult to accomplish within the convenience of the whole family's interest. Due to...

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Water To the Capital

10-Nov-2020 – 07-Nov-2021

An excellent and cosy invitation to gain an initial practical view of these water harbouring technologies and comfortable little walk is obtained just to the right of the bridge (22) at Entoto Kidane Mehret (1). This place also offers an ideal little excursion for the young family on picnics or i...

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The History of the Environment

10-Nov-2020 – 07-Nov-2021

The evolution of civilization in different cultures and parts of the world indicates a strong connection between in-depth knowledge in biology and the specific culture's potential for development. Without a doubt, a healthy relationship is seen with this rule, even in other sciences, but it is pa...

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Sir Wilfred Thesiger

10-Nov-2020 – 07-Nov-2021

Sir Wilfred Thesiger received the wilderness from the childhood cradle at Entoto and lived with nature's closeness even more intensively during the following years of dangerous missions. The author's writings now directly contact these remarkable events.

In the initial contact with the literatu...

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A Park Of Hope, Health and Resounding Joy

10-Nov-2020 – 07-Nov-2021

A park of serenity and resounding joy
Entoto Natural Park is a unique place to discover the most breathtaking ancient mountain nature with streams flowing from clear springs and waterfalls. Surprises here are regular with both exciting places for relaxation and fantastic water activities. Windi...

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The Capital & the Park

10-Nov-2020 – 07-Nov-2021

The lower part of the Park adjoins Addis Ababa's northern outskirts, at the district known as Shero Meda (Shiromeda).

Coming from the central parts of the city, the Entoto Avenue leads up to the school of Kuskuam in the north of Shero Meda, and further along the border of the Park to the Church ...

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Nature from the Veiled Ancient Era.

The Hidden Treasure at the Mountain's Shoulder. 

This place is the work area of so many endeavours; Entoto's High plateau, where it appears among adorable Juniper hills and dreamlike meadows. Ultimately, beyond the horizon of golden fields, this landscape of forgotten dreams reveals its southern border in the abyss Bees' Cliff (14). Here it shows very soon; the beautiful path (42) to Entoto Natural Park (Nursery) 34, where the massive work has elapsed with nature restoration for many years.  

Geographical Situation 

Addis Ababa is situated 9° north of the equator, in central Ethiopia. The park area, on the mountain of Entoto, extends from the northern edge of the city, at an altitude of 2 600m and further north over the mountain crest at almost 3 100 m.
From several spots, there is splendid outlook over the sprawling city and the five high solitary mountains, in the southwest to the southeast (Menagesha, Wachecha, Furi Zukuala and Yerer).

Facing north from the top ridge, one looks out over vast plains, towards Sululta and some bare mountains. The ridge on which the Park is located forms a big water divider.
The northern slope drains into the Blue Nile, and the precipitation from the southern slope will end up in the Awash River.

This has the curious result that two raindrops falling at the same time just a few centimetres apart, will have quite different destinies: one will after a long journey reach the Mediterranean Sea, whereas the other will pass through the city of Addis Ababa, eventually evaporating in the Danakil Desert, as the Awash River never reaches the sea.

The lower part of the Park adjoins Addis Ababa's northern outskirts, at the district known as Shero Meda (Shiromeda). Coming from the central parts of the city, the Entoto Avenue leads up to the school of Kuskuam in the north of Shero Meda, and further along the border of the Park to the Church of Entoto Maryam (Håkan Blanck and Pia Englund, Entoto Natural Park 1995).

Shero Meda (Shiromeda) - Central Station for Bus and Taxi 
This community in the northern district of the Capital offers here a central station for further taxi and bus services to the Capital's city centre and direct taxi connection to Entoto Maryam as well as Entoto Kidane Mehret. However, the town and station Shero Meda is close enough to Entoto Kidane Mehret to offer a pleasant walk to Entoto Natural Park. Shero Meda (Shiromeda) is also the place that allows the easiest access to Entoto Maryam, located on Entoto's plateau.

1. Entoto Kidane Mehret Church and Community 
Although this rock-based sanctuary and society towers within the Capital's northern boundaries and its mountain massifs, it seems to be very preserved and well above all stressful whims. 

Elevated Protectorate 
The society Entoto Kidane Mehret is a very dedicated and appealing mountain town but should indeed more precisely be described as a profoundly religious Sanctuary and Protectorate of Nature and Inhabitants. However, the Hotel and Guesthouse is missing, which means that the nearest accommodation for tourism and dining is Entoto Park (Z) or the Shero Meda (Shiromeda) community. In addition, this Church and Monastery are astonishing hidden, tucked into the mountain massif rising shoulder where perception arises very soon to be careful because precipices and gullies take over immediately when you just move away from a little piece of this remarkable protective town. 

A Mountain-based Station for Bus and Taxi 
Although Entoto Kidane Mehret is quite highly located and appearing distant due to its height above the Capital, nevertheless it's equipped with a station for regular bus and taxi traffic.
This quaint town's structure creates here a harmonic embrace of the extensive and impressive Entoto Kidane Mehret Church (32) Monastery and Sacred Water Source (31), Juniperus procera Forest (indigenous) 30. 

Entoto Park (Z)
Dramatically elevated buildings constitute the new Entoto Park (Z) and form the amazing mountain-dwelling for whole family's interest to spend time in comfort and high-spirited culture. The dramatic and historical Entoto mountain massif includes now the newly inaugurated Entoto Park (Z), inviting the entire family's expectations to spend time in the pleasant leisure with gardens or exploring many highly inspiring activities. Here, the landscape's high drama constitutes the adventure's core to be incredibly close with breathtaking miles of mountain ranges and dagger-deep ravines. The Capital is immediate here but still surprisingly remote through the site's elevated rocky ledge. This combination of contrast with the Capital and its high mountain park is genuinely something unique globally and thus provided the basis for developing the place into a centre for culture and activities.  

Culture, Adventure and Activities of Seductively Cosy Mountain Palaces.
In many respects, relaxing activities within Entoto Park (Z) capture the family's real need for dramatic adventures. Yet, this Park is a golden gateway, intriguing and alluring, stimulating to explore the Ethiopian Highland's unknown wilderness. Thus this majestic view of Entoto's mountain massif's original nature, allure with its proximity to the secrets of nature's phenomenon and here delivers this unique opportunity to explore. Concealed within the foundation of the world's ground pillars fulfils the essential purpose of creating an eager will for learning health and origin. Thanks to the Park's closeness to natural science delivers a captivating understanding for the family about creating natural and healthy water and other vital biological processes with their scientific background. However, this nature's scientific context is vital to intellectual processes that form the basis for civilizations' development.

Shero Meda (Shiromeda) -
A well-established community for transportation and amenities 

This society is the central station for further taxi and bus services to Entoto Kidane Mehret (1). However, the town and station Shero Meda is close enough to Entoto Kidane Mehret to offer a pleasant walk to Entoto Natural Park. Shero Meda (Shiromeda) is also the place that allows the easiest access to Entoto Park (Z) or Entoto Maryam (43), located on Entoto's plateau.

Guest Houses, Hotels and Restaurants
Continuing up towards the mountain massif and Entoto Natural Park, this offers a certain selection of accommodations in Entoto Park (Z) and as the area is in progress, it is a nice opportunity for restaurants, cafes and hotels up to some miles north of Shero Meda's (Shiromeda) centre.

A Great Plateau Ledge for View and Activities. 
Arriving at the high viewpoint (16) is very convenient, as the substantial rise upwards offers some beautiful and exciting rests with magnificent scenery and historical surprises with old Italian fortifications (38) and trees of a surprising dignified furrowed patina. 

An Ideal Place for the Well-Equipped Family. 
From this location (16), provides pleasant resting places for picnics in pleasant tranquillity and contemplation about the unique nature, which is facilitated easily by the high point of view, even over the mist-veiled Capital far below the southern slopes. Much closer the farmhouse is reminded and not far below even the chanting walls of Entoto Kidane Mehret Church (32).

Entoto Kidane Mehret road and map info.The entrance to the Park is to the right of the sanctuary.

For a long time, this has been a religious protectorate of Entoto's nature, thus gaining excellent protection that has been deeply associated with religious devotion and conviction. 
However, the Hotel and Guesthouse is missing, which means that the nearest accommodation for tourism and dining is the Shero Meda (Shiromeda) community.

2. Shops for Picnics and Adventures
The most necessary for the Park's experience and picnics as well as candy shop (2) is across the bus stop from the community (1). For those who are very early in the hours of dawn, there is a small shop also at the beginning of the Juniper forest, just next to the health spring with its associated buildings (31).

A hidden path between the sanctuary and the gorge. 
The trail runs attractively hidden behind Entoto Kidane Mehret (32) in a concealed curve below its wall and passing through a small part of the village before the path (5) opens along a deep ravine and finishing with a downhill towards a traditional bridge. 

A graceful invitation to the waiting adventures.
However, most of these alternatives for the further hiking adventures start here just below Entoto Kidane Mehret (32) with a character of beach curved rocks in harmonious wave formations where the children play, and the laundry dries on the inviting soft and clean, polished rock bed, a real inviting beauty to appreciate already the first steps on the bridge below Entoto Kidane Mehret (32). 

Multiple trail options from the bridge at Kidane Mehret Church (32). 
Thus, there are several very different of paths choices just uphill from point (38) but also becomes enriched by a more thorough, independent, acquaintance with the full south-eastern to north-western eroded soil road (41) located just above points (14 - 16). 

Grandiose scenarios in the trails of the canyon's slopes. 
These trails are all characterized by the unique and dramatic slopes at the canyon (35). The options of trails are here beautifully inspiring and often in contact with each other, allowing another choice of a path by a relaxing return or to an intersection towards an alternative height above the gorge. This option might follow the shoreline of the river (35) or even at the slope's upper plateau ledge.

** However, it is clear that the canyon's slopes in some places are too steep to allow a confrontation with a vertical commitment but just this offers what constitutes the extra interesting in wildlife scenarios and thus giving the walks an unforgettable value. 

A canyon of adorable beauty and lush greenery.
Independent opinion or perception of these alternative trails, they are all so surprisingly beautiful and varied that they offer far greater entertainment than could be expected from the memories or impressions of the other nature types around the Capital or even compared to the charming countryside with its beautiful scenery.
In this magnificent canyon of seductively smooth light and living shadows are, however all the paths, so surprisingly beautiful that any visitor never are at risk to be without all types pure and vitalizing surprises

An invitation of fragrance and cool freshness. 
With a pleasant cool freshness, visitors are invited with the flavouring fragrance of mighty native Juniper forests and overwhelming vegetation. Thus, this dramatic landscape assists the visitors with thrillingly inspiring canyon routes which effortlessly captures all the attention that gives both social pleasures and surprises.

The ancient place with breathtaking perspective.
With dramatic beauty, this place attracts an exciting approach to exploring an unknown world of nature where environments in this wonderfully excitingly secret dwelling since the beginning of time in the rock formation created scary deep underground gaps and hidden rock chambers in the midst of their surrounding waterfalls.

A magnificent magic shadow world veiled by time beyond memories.
Here in this enticing deep underworld of shadows and greenery, this treacherous luring cliff vault and abyss gives a home to pure magic twilight where Ravens reside and invite to pleasant arts of flights as well as approaches in playful jacket pinching mischiefs.

However, this is overall the reason for the attraction of the place where thanks to varying and dramatic scenery create ideal habitats for wildlife that naturally utilises this rich, three-dimensional diversity in water and rock formations.

Close Encounter With Playing Baboon Families (14). 
While this place is unique in many many ways, there are also reservations about the impact people can exert on its nature. Because this site contains not only what is desirable for people but also for wildlife, the result is that a conflict of interest and living space can occur.

The paths up to Bees' Cliff (14) offer several options; the northern hillside of the tributary gorge (36), the southern slope of (38-39) - (15-16) and (41). 

Deep shadows deliver adventure beyond knowledge.
A little behind the camera direction is a group of magnificent and powerful Juniperus procera trees in a near park-like setting and on the corresponding side, behind and to the left is hidden the over 50-year-old forest of wild and original Juniperus procera trees (40) that provides a unique insight into how nature emerged before the Eucalyptus trees were introduced from Australia over 100 years ago. 

The Caution Choice for Families (19)
During rain season, it,s therefore appropriate to enjoy the beautifully undulated promenade to the site of the Italian built spring water facility  (19).  Entoto Kidane Mehret's inhabitants are bringing their household water from this source, and therefore the company is apparent by playing children and people who are fetching quantities of water to their homes. 

1. Entoto Kidane Meret
Completely surrounded by its society, this station is characterized by an inviting cosiness, but together with an accompanied impression of magnificence that cannot be expected in a massive rock ledge of a mountain.

If it was not for the sanctuary that discreetly dominates its outer propagation, this station would be disproportionately abundant where it is located beautifully on this dramatically elevated hidden mountain plateau where it appears like an essential marketplace so generously dominant right next to this quaint community (1). 

This unique town's structure creates here a harmonic embrace of the extensive and impressive  Entoto Kidane Mehret Church (32) Monastery and Sacred Water Source (31), Juniperus procera Forest (indigenous) 30. 

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